Breaking Dawn Top Ten

Written by Pemberly Rose

We officially are in double digits in the wait for Breaking Dawn Part One! We’ve been so excited so here is a list of top ten favorite BD moments from the book!

1. The night before the wedding. The scene: Bella and Edward smooching on her bed. They’re talk is cute, lighthearted and adorable. A stark contrast to the darkness they’ve had in their relationship. Also major points to Jasper and Emmett for their stunning hilarity to get Edward to leave his blushing bride and go on a Cullen version of a bachelor party – hunting.

2. The wedding. The description of the wedding is absolutely perfect. You can literally feel like you’re there, experiencing this right along side Bella. Seeing her parents near each other and happy though they’re not in love any longer shows a great growth for them. Rosalie being classy and helping Alice get the bride ready to go. As much hate as Rose gets for her general bitchiness this is a really cool thing. It shows at least in some small part that she’s beginning to truly accept Bella into their family and maybe even is beginning to respect Bella’s decision. Bella herself shows remarkable maturity by wanting to say goodbye the right way to her human loved ones. I think that made Rose gain a little bit of respect for Bella. Also it’s worth mentioning Jacob’s appearance at the wedding. Even with a broken heart he still comes off as a good man. Even when he gets angry at Bella when he learns of the whole “real honeymoon thing” he’s jealous sure but he’s still concerned with her safety.

3. Isle Esme – picturesque paradise just off the coast of Brazil. Yeah seriously I would love to have one of these myself. When they arrive there you really feel Bella’s awe. She didn’t exactly realize what family she was getting herself into. Sure she knew they had money. The nice house and nice cars and clothes are evidence of that. But gifting an entire private island as an anniversary present? Now that’s an obscene amount of money. Bella though shocked accepts it immediately. You can tell she doesn’t care about the money, cars or any of the material. She’s just happy she married the man she loves.

4. The entire honeymoon – the fade to blacks were kind of a disappointment but an understandable one. The feathers and Edward’s reaction to the bruises were priceless. There is a lightness though between them, even when he’s sulking about the bruises. The whole “what can we do to wear Bella out today” plan was actually pretty genius of him. Her attempt at seduction was also heartwarmingly endearing. She just wants to be intimate with her husband and it’s her right to.

5. Jacob’s book. Yep ALL OF IT. From chapter titles to punching Paul to breaking away from Sam and subsequent imprinting. This is probably one of our biggest favorites. It was so nice to be in someone else’s head in the series and get his views on the world around him. Every snarky second of it.
6. “Awl ob dem!” – Yep, Claire Young. Quil and Claire are the one imprint pair we hadn’t seen much of yet. It was such a cute, sweet scene between them that there was no doubt in our minds to the purity and beauty of imprinting after this. And we all know just by how hilarious she is that Claire is going to be such a ball buster when she’s older. I personally cannot wait.

7. When Edward hears the baby’s thoughts – SM said in that interview at the beginning of the official guide that, that moment was where Edward became an optimist. He realized he was the father of an innocent. A child who wished no harm to its mother. Loved and understood the voices outside the womb. Intelligent even before birth. Edward finally realizes that he can have his cake and eat it too. He can have the love of a woman and still give her what she wants without making her sacrifice absolutely everything to be with him.

8. Renesmee – this one’s a no brainer but every scene she’s in the book she lightens the atmosphere. She brings an aura of happiness to every scene. A smart, kind child who loves fiercely the people she considers family and hers. Seriously despite her unique name she’s our favorite character. Then again you probably knew that.

9. Witnesses – all the other vampires that come to witness for the Cullens. They’re backstories and demeanors are all so individual and amazing. We almost want our own book for them!! Then again the guide goes into their backstories quite amazingly.

10. The happily ever after. We suspected that the Volturi were cowards back in NM. This was because if Aro really wanted he could have forced the Edward, Bella and Alice to stay and to change Bella immediately. He did something similar with Amun, finding a way to take Demetri away from him. Aro is a plotter and strategist. Caius is the war-monger. I loved that SM focused on this and how Aro’s vote is the tie breaker. It was far more intriguing in a political sense than a war could have been. A war would have being fascinating and exciting, but political intrigue and subterfuge? So much more Aro’s style. In the confrontation you really see the ties of the Cullens have grown stronger, and now include the wolves because of the imprint. Edward verbalizes his acceptance of these newly forged ties, creating a true kinship we’d always hoped for with Jacob. Love is truly in the air after the Volturi are humiliated. Kate and Garrett, the Cullen couples all rejoice in their survival. The return of Alice! How could you not forget this? Then the final scene – what we’ve all hoped for this entire series. Edward finally gets to see into the mind of his beloved. A perfect ending to this slice of their forever together.


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