Fiction Recommendation: Blood Moon by SheeWolf85

Written by NinkyBaby

SheeWolf85’s Blood moon sits in an alternate supernatural and human universe. In her story, the characters within the Cullen family are all human, while the recognizable characters in La Push retain their shapeshifter heritage with rules she has set.

Blood moon opens with Renesmee arriving in Forks, Washington to stay with her aunt and uncle as her parents will be visiting Europe for 3 months. Unexpectedly, she encounters the Quileute shapeshifter, Jake, sparking off an inexplicable bond between them.

Aside from the developing romance and attraction between our 2 main protagonists, the story is set in a background of mystery and chilling intrigue right from Chapter One, making it an interesting, exciting and irresistible chapter turning read.

SheeWolf85 writes from a third person’s perspective as it is necessary for this story to show the viewpoints of any character as and when necessary to allow the story to keep it’s flow and integrity. In addition, the prose gives the story a bit of a dreamy effect which further enhances the mysterious feel of this story.

Like several of the author’s other stories, SheeWolf85 weaves her magical tale by breathing life into the known characters of Twilight and injecting them into a story world she builds beautifully through her writing. In Blood Moon, the tall, dark and handsome shapeshifters of La Push come to life, bearing the characteristics of their magical ancestry, just like the shapeshifters of the Twilight world, but complete with their own flavor and rules, creating an unique storyline to the tale.

What will happen when Renesmee realizes that the man she has fallen in love with belongs to a strange mysterious world? Will she and can she accept it? What kind of danger lurks among humans that the Quileute shapeshifters have sworn to protect them against?
Follow Blood Moon to find out.

Blood Moon can be read on Fanfiction here and is rated M for supernatural violence and lemons later in the story.


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