Check Out My Blog Post at MVF!

By Pemberly Rose

SusanAshlea, the sweet, awesome person (and I’m not just saying that bc she’ll read this) hired me on a while back to work as a blogger for a little site called My Vamp Fiction…

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A while back a did a post about Nosferatu the 1921 movie that I love sfm. And now I’m back with an in-depth look at what else? Werewolves! So please go check out this post and leave some comments for me!

Click here to read my post about Werewolves The Natural Enemy of The Vampire: A Look into Lycanthropes

Update!!! MVF has closed down and the site is no longer available.


Guest Rec Post over at Twi-fic Promotions

Written by Pemberly Rose

Follow this link to read my review of @_Phoenix_Rising’s The Disillusioned. It’s an AU E/B that is definitely one of the more unique twists on vampward. Any fanfic reader should read it!