Check Out My Blog Post at MVF!

By Pemberly Rose

SusanAshlea, the sweet, awesome person (and I’m not just saying that bc she’ll read this) hired me on a while back to work as a blogger for a little site called My Vamp Fiction…

Click me to head on over to this AWESOME blog!

A while back a did a post about Nosferatu the 1921 movie that I love sfm. And now I’m back with an in-depth look at what else? Werewolves! So please go check out this post and leave some comments for me!

Click here to read my post about Werewolves The Natural Enemy of The Vampire: A Look into Lycanthropes

Update!!! MVF has closed down and the site is no longer available.


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Written by Pemberly Rose

As you can see to your right, lower-hand portion of the blog some of my favorite blogs have been put up on here. Now this list is no where near exhaustive and will be added to as time wears on.

Also! We have a twitter account. @hybridtheoryXxo is the account if you would like to follow. All updates will be tweeted from there so it’s a great way to follow the blog without having to check in all the time. =)

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New Button!

Written by Pemberly Rose

So I couldn’t sleep and decided to play around in photoshop. Let’s just say I have made CS4 my bitch. Here is the end result!

Yes I have totally used Ms. Foy as our Renesmee. She’s the perfect fit to play her and I can’t WAIT to see how she does next November. Sigh…one more year! At least DH is coming out next week *squee*

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