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Pemberly Rose

Hi! I’m Pemberly Rose. Obviously that’s not my real name. Guess you can tell I’m an Austen Fan by it though. Anyways, I’m a twenty-five-year-old pre-med student and I’m the administrator here at Hybrid Theory. I started this site originally through blogger under the name “centerofhisuniverse”, but through ease of use and timeliness I found that I liked WP a whole lot better. I’ve been in fanfic since 1998 when I was all of about thirteen.

I’ve been in several fandoms and there’s one thing that’s always apparent. There’s a favorite subject/character/person to write about in all fandoms. In Twilight as we know it’s very much an Edward/Bella dominated world. Not that there’s anything wrong about that.

I read the saga in 2008 just after Breaking Dawn hit shelves. Many people couldn’t stand Breaking Dawn, and the ending Steph gave everyone. I will admit I’m in the minority that I loved it. I know her writing isn’t the greatest, but I knew that from the first book. I mean honestly do they expect a romantic saga about vampires to be like Hemingway? I know I didn’t. Two characters I really fell in love with throughout the books were our two main males. Edward and Jacob. I loved their transitions from where they are in the first book to where they are at the end of Breaking Dawn. A lot of that has to do with Bella’s transition and a certain bronze-haired little hybrid named Renesmee. Yes, Renesmee. I know it sounds like a scrabble board threw up, but oddly the uniqueness of the name fits this extremely unique little girl.

Thus after the saga was over I discovered there was a lot of fanfiction for it. However they barely ever included Renesmee. Most made Jacob out to be a jerk, dead, gay, or just completely non-existent. So with very few Renesmees out there I started writing my own. Over time this character has grown in popularity and so has the fics about her. I decided to put together a site showcasing this particular character, pairing, what have you because us Renesmee girls/guys gotta stick together!

Hopefully soon there will be more bios on here than just mine!



Hello! I’m NinkyBaby. And that’s not my real name of course. I am an Australian who’s an avid reader. My biggest passion is creating story scenes via graphic manips and illustrations. In addition, I also enjoy helping my favorite writers edit or pre-read their stories. So how did I get into the fandom? After reading Breaking Dawn, I started to wonder what would happen between Jacob Black and Renesemee Cullen when she reaches adulthood. Will Jake get his ever after after all he’s been through? That’s when I stumbled across the realm of fan fiction. I was pleasantly surprised to find well written ff by several authors who write about Jacob/Nessie/Wolfpack.

Prior to becoming a full-time mom in recent years, I have worked in the advertising and creative industry in various positions. I currently work on a freelance basis as I have 2 young children and spend my free time reading and reviewing books and stories. Presently, I am also working on a series of short illustrated stories.

Last but not least, I have to thank Pembs for adding me as a site administrator. She has done me a huge favor by re-igniting the creative fire that had once burned so brightly in me. I am so happy that this fire is once again burning anew!


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