Life in Technicolor: Interview with Pemberly Rose

Questions & compilation by NinkyBaby

Last week I posted a review on Pemberly Rose’s fic, Life in Technicolor. Since then, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to interview the author on her story. Pemberly Rose talks about why she wrote LIT and other little snippets from her point of view.

One: What made you decide to write LIT?

Life in Technicolor wasn’t my first J/N. I began the other under a different name and abandoned it because I was beginning to hate Renesmee. She was only nine years old at the time and doing things I don’t think she was emotionally ready for. So I went back to the drawing board. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t also influenced by a general trend I saw in J/N fics.

Many I had read made her outlandishly immature or wild to make her seem more “realistic” but what I think those authors lost was that this is a fantasy world. Ness is a fantasy character. She doesn’t really adhere to the rules we mere mortals do. I wanted to write her as a mature adult. At the same time someone who was also disconnected in a way to what it was like to be a real human child/teenager. She had a very short, very quick rebellious streak and really didn’t do anything terribly reckless.

I wanted to see her really be able to say yes, I want more, definitively when it came to Jacob. As well as really understand what saying yes to him really meant. Imprinting is a complex thing in the Twilight world. Saying yes to a relationship with your wolf you’ve known your entire life is a big shift. A shift I’d like to think she’s been able to handle pretty well despite her need to protect the burgeoning relationship from prying eyes.

Two: We’ve talked about your view on the theories behind imprinting and there is a controversial imprint in the story. Would you like to explain a little more with regards to your view of the various theories of imprinting. And perhaps how it applies to Leah and Amber.

Ah, yes. Good ole controversy. I wanted to explore that because well there is no exact answer with imprinting. The stock definition is that when a wolf finds their mate after they phase the first time they imprint and become whatever the imprintee needs them to be. In Sam/Emily’s case it was far more tragic with a lot of collateral damage. Jared and Kim I’d imagine had more of a fairytale because Kim already had feelings for him.

But then there’s Quil/Claire, Jacob/Renesmee and to a lesser extent Rachel/Paul which were controversial due to age. The gaps between the two former couples is quite large but they don’t “fall in love” with babies. It’s a protective thing. They see their imprints as the most important beings in their lives. Someone to protect and make happy. People read into it way too much and try to find fault where there really is none. The fact that people automatically jump straight to an idea of pedophilia is quite disturbing as to what our society has become. I’ve always said, where is there any evidence that it’s in anyway an inappropriate situation. The guide even states that it only looks depraved to those who do not understand what imprinting means.

Therefore I’ve come to the conclusion people who bash imprinting simply do not want to understand that it’s not sexual or really entirely romantic in any way. It’s a compulsion – a pull to be near – to protect and be whatever the imprinted person needs in their life. For other imprints it was a lover, for Claire and Renesmee it was a friend and guardian. Rachel and Paul however is a little different. Rachel was 21 almost 22 years of age when she came home and a 16-year-old Paul imprinted on her (16 is the legal age of consent in Washington just to assure some who might swear off this pairing now). Sure he looked 25, but his birth date was still the same. I find it funny that fans get all up in arms about J/R and Q/C but have no problem with R/P. It’s a much smaller age gap but still a gap. The diversity in ages of each imprinted pair really shows that with imprinting that 1. Age doesn’t matter, 2. Time doesn’t matter, 3. Romance doesn’t matter, 4. When it comes to protecting your imprint it’s vital to do whatever it takes. Even breaking away from your pack to keep her safe.

My theories with imprinting align with the book interpretation. I think it’s all three theories together in congruence. Kismet and destiny being the forefront and main driving force. Jacob’s experience is definitely kismet. He was drawn to Bella because she would lead him to Renesmee. Sam was drawn to Leah to lead him to Emily. Jared was physically able to go back to school because Kim was in one of his classes. Paul was drawn to First Beach because Rachel was there. Evolution of stronger wolves makes sense especially with Jacob, an alpha, imprinting on a vampire hybrid. I have a feeling there may be some uber shapeshifting hybrid children with immunity to venom. That would certainly make a stronger generation of wolves.

Also continuation of the wolf lines is another that I think is important. Yeah Sam could have imprinted on Leah but they’re distantly related. Her mother is a Uley according to the Official Guide. It makes sense that Sam would imprint on someone else then to increase the genetic diversity of future generations. Too much in-breeding even with distant cousins can prove treacherous. Queen Victoria’s children had this problem with an outbreak of hemophilia in the royal families of Europe.

When it comes to Leah and the particular situation she’s in I did that on purpose to illustrate that kismet is more important. Secondly Leah is an anomaly. She’s got all three lines of wolf lineage and is the only female ever to phase. I wanted her to have something unique and unexpected but also build a character for her that would be amazing. A strong character that could round out Leah’s personality even more and bring her a happily ever after she deserves. I chose this character because of the three theories of imprinting on purpose as a way of allowing Leah’s lineage to continue on despite her inability to be pregnant as a shifter and give her some fluff because the girl deserves it.

Three: Music has always been a part of your inspiration behind your stories. What else inspires you?

Pictures, movies, food, and other books! I have a tumblr account where I post some of my inspirations. Some tend to be a bit on the mature side but that’s because I’m nearing a milestone in LIT that some readers have been bugging me for, for quite some time now. Currently I’m writing chapter 27 and using music and books as inspiration plus some sensual imagery as well. I’m absolutely addicted to the written word so being able to use some of my all time favorite quotes has been a pleasure.

If you’ve read LIT you can tell I have a serious thing for Shakespeare. Musical inspiration comes from my vast collection of music. The Beatles, in my opinion, are the Shakespearean equivalent in music. Absolutely timeless music that can work in so many different situations. The Beatles show up quite a bit in my LIT playlists as do Sia, Coldplay, and Depeche Mode.

Movies that inspire me are old movies. Like black and white old. His Gal Friday and Casablanca, kind of movies. I love the screen sirens of the 30s and 40s and 50s. They had glamor and gumption. Seriously. If you need a woman to admire look at Katharine Hepburn. Because of her women wearing pants is widely accepted. Before her, a woman wearing pants out in public was an outrage. I aspire to be a woman of strength to buck the glass ceilings society has placed on us. I think as a women’s studies graduate in LIT, that Renesmee would too.

Four: Literature can be a source of inspiration. Where do you draw parallels to literary works in LIT?

Hehe I find so many parallels in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream for LIT. Ness has even mentioned it a couple times. The parallel she often draws is the situation with Helena, Hermia and Demetrius and Lysander and how that particular situation relates to hers with Jacob and his past with her parents. It took her quite a long time to come to terms with those particular events but I wanted her to be able to see past it. Other parallels I find are in Austen novels like Emma. Ness is very aware of her friends romantic relationships yet was always on the outside and never really experienced it for herself. In a way Jacob is her perfect Mr. Knightley.

On the other hand Jacob sees her, now that they’re in the midst of a relationship, a lot like a Greek Siren. Her presence draws him in like the sailors of ancient myth. When she was a child she was far more seen as his friend, and constant concern. He wanted nothing more than to make her smile and keep her safe from those like the Volturi. That large period of time before LIT is really where their relationship has found the intense amount of strength it has in LIT.

Five: As a pre-med student, life is indeed a very busy one for you. LIT has gone past it’s halfway point. When are you expecting to complete it? Are there any new stories in the works?

I do lead a very busy life. I am hoping to complete it as soon as possible. It should only be about 40 chapters and I’m on chapter 27. I’m trying to write as much as possible in the short spurts of free time I have.

I have so many stories in the works from original vamp fiction to some all-human alternate universes. And maybe when I’m done with those I’ll revisit LIT again haha. I also have a spin-off I’m working on for Leah called Breathe Me.

Six: As you know, Breaking Dawn has some readers divided on it’s ending. Many fan fiction works have written “the fight” that should have existed in “sequels” to the book. What’s your opinion on the book’s finale and what are we expecting to happen to adult Renesmee in her confrontation with the Volturi in LIT?

See I think I understand Aro better than most people. He’s greedy and ambitious. So greedy he killed his own sister to keep Marcus. He’s not as evil as say, Voldemort in HP. Aro is more Gordon Gecko than Tom Riddle. It’s my certain belief that Aro knew that Bella pretty much nullifies more than half his guard. They’ve relied upon their guards’ abilities so much in the past that they don’t really know what to do with themselves without them. Aro’s a smart man. He wants power but not at the cost of what he already has gained. Losing Jane or Alec in a battle would kill him. They’re his most prized possessions. Bella’s gift in concert with Zafrina’s and even Edward/Alice’s abilities would prove to be fatal for the Volturi. Then you add in a brigade of snarling horse-sized wolves with some pretty clear loyalty to the Cullens and yeah, the Volturi would have been obliterated. The Cullens would have suffered losses as well. Fighters like Felix would be able to kill quite a few on the Cullen side of things. But their losses would be far less than the Volturi. And Aro knew that. So his sense of self preservation and preservation of the few he holds dear is what kept a fight from happening, no matter how pissed off that made Caius.

Caius is an entirely different story. He’s the one to watch out for if you know what I mean…. He’s the key and so is Edward. I don’t think we’ll get a battle in LIT. So many fics have been there already. I don’t know if it’s really true to Aro’s canon character to let one happen. If it meant he had to sacrifice one person versus all of his talented guard, he’d sacrifice the one person in a heart beat to keep what he feels should be his own. I haven’t officially decided though right now I’m more leading towards political intrigue. I’m waiting until I’m in that scene and writing it to really decide. I do have both options planned out though. One thing is certain, someone/several someones may not survive depending on a battle or not.

Seven: What is it you love about writing J/N fiction?

My favorite thing about writing these two is letting them take over. This is going to make me sound bonkers but it’s entirely true. When I’m sitting down to write I sit and imagine the scene and the dialogue pretty much writes itself. Jake is really amazing. I love canon Jake. I love imprinted canon Jake best because we see the happy human again. There’s a reason why New Moon and Breaking Dawn are my favorite books. They’re very Jacob heavy. In New Moon we see happy human boy Jacob. And then in Breaking Dawn when he imprints the happy teenager comes back. I loved that Ness was the one to restore that for him.

I also happen to enjoy a good love story if you hadn’t noticed. I’m a huge hopeless romantic it’s ridiculous. Seriously I squee over the littlest things. I love their dynamic too. How grown up she is and how in love they are. Yet they’re not E/B. Bella relies on Edward quite a bit in canon and Edward isn’t as vocal about how much he relies on Bella so it’s not as apparent to us. With the imprint of J/N it’s very apparent they need each other if only in physical presence alone.

Lastly, their chemistry. I hadn’t intended on their chemistry being quite so electric but it is. It makes sense too that it would be. They are soul mates after all. They affect each other so much that it makes complete sense that any romantic interaction with her as an educated adult would sizzle and hum. As a side note I love writing Jacob’s snark, the sarcasm and wit kills me with him.

Eight: Who is your favorite character in LIT? and Why?

Well, okay I’m totally going to ruin it but it’s Amber, hands down it’s Amber Thompson. She’s just amazing. She has no real pieces of me aside from the inane rambling. She’s mostly pieced together from traits of Mark, my beta, and his bestie Anna. They’re amazing people and I kept wanting to take their qualities and form them into one person. She’s a nerd in the extreme and so fascinated by the world she’s been thrust into thanks to a certain wolf. She loves Ness like a sister. And finds the Cullens way of life amazing and crazy. She’s a good soul through and through.

My second favorite character, sigh he’s a canon favorite of mine as well but it’s Charlie Swan. I love how he tries to disregard the evidence of the supernatural, staring him in the face all the time. He’s such a good grandfather to Renesmee. I think he would try to be better, closer to her than he had tried with Bella. He just simply did not know how to handle Bella because he never really got the chance to get to know her. They’re both so socially awkward it’s no wonder. So in LIT with the few scenes I’ve had him in I’ve tried to make him wiser, older, and just generally classic Charlie with a matured twist.

Nine: Will there be more outtakes & spinoffs from LIT?

Well, I do have one that’s already posted. It’s called Breathe Me. And it’s for Ms. Leah Clearwater and her imprint. One other I’m in the midst of posting is a 5-part outtake of LIT in Jake’s point of view from chapters 15-20. Another is one I’m hoping to get working on here soon will be a very short novella prequel of LIT in Jacob’s POV of important moments throughout his life of watching her grow up. Moments like how their friendship became so close and when she found out about his past with Bella. All that comes out in the novella and I’m hoping to get a move on it soon. I have a few epilogues in my head as well but I’m trying not to address those just yet. One last possible spin-off that I’m currently toying with that will please my Seth lovers, is a spin-off for Seth Clearwater. When Ch 26* is finished being edited and posted I think you’ll understand why I’m toying with this for him.

*Life in Technicolor, Ch 26: Demetrius and Lysander has been posted. It is now available on FFN, Twilighted & MyVampFiction.

I hope you have enjoyed the interview with Pemberly Rose. There will be more author interviews coming so stay tuned!


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