Fiction Recommendation: Life in Technicolor by Pemberly Rose

Review by NinkyBaby

Life in Technicolor (LIT) is a post Breaking Dawn canon story that starts 16 years after Renesmee’s birth. The story opens with a beautiful narrative of the Amazon jungle as seen through Nessie’s perfect vampiric vision. The narrative is completely written from Nessie’s point of view and follows her through her journey from a constant irresistible pull to her wolf best friend to finding true love in him.

Life In Technicolor banner by NinkyBaby

Many canon stories tend to have her jumping on the bandwagon of love as soon as or when she nears maturity. This story is strikingly different in that Renesmee has already been a fully grown adult for 9 years. What this means for readers is they get a glimpse into a really mature Renesmee, who has had the opportunity to experience life so that she can grow in ways other than the physical and is now ready to make a very important decision that will change her life.

Aside from a blooming passionate romance, the story contains several very interesting plot points and a couple of original characters. There will be a myriad of twists and turns, a controversial and unconventional imprint pair, an interesting Volturi visit, an eyebrow raising, nerves arising trip to Volterra, family dramas and a lot of different types of excitement, tension and chemistry to keep the reader on their toes.

Pemberly Rose writes in a beautiful, flowing prose with good grammar and diction. Her writing has certainly grasped the essence of the protagonist’s voice & personality. In her story, she also expresses her well-researched opinion of imprinting and how it affects both the imprinter and the imprinted in a variety of unexpected ways.

Characterization is also very well done and conforms closely to canon. Original characters & canon characters further developed by Pemberly Rose fit very well as she cleverly weaves them into the story world with good dialogue and narrative. There will be a couple of unexpected characters that show up in the course of the story so readers will definitely be in for some surprises.

For readers familiar with lemons, LIT does contain some lemons but they are not the focus of the story. Rather, they serve to enhance the story and delivers the author’s point instead of detracting from it. Aside from being meaningful, the lemons are tastefully written and are not vulgar, matching well with Renesmee’s point of view.

Overall, I would give this story a 5 star rating. For a canon story, it is well researched & conforms quite closely and/or develops from canon events quite realistically. I love the mature Renesmee in the story. Here is someone who had grown up with parenting well suited to her rapid growth and has a very close relationship with her family. In her quest to find an answer for the increasing inexplicable aching pull to her wolf and the strange feelings he invokes in her, Renesmee goes on a personal journey of self discovery and realises in a nerve wrecking situation what that pull truly meant to her. Together, the loving couple with their family and friends gather once again to face a potential threat that may break them apart forever.

LIT is expected to conclude within 40 chapters and is currently published up to Chapter 25 with Chapter 26 and 27 in the works. Pemberly Rose has also published a companion outtake of LIT, titled Purgatory’s No Picnic Either (Rated M^) written in Jacob’s point of view to the events that happened in Chapters 15-20. It will definitely answer some questions that may be raised in those chapters and give readers an insight into Jacob’s thoughts.

Life in Technicolor Chapters 1-25 can be found on (Rated M^), MyVampFiction (Rated NC17^) & Twilighted* (Rated NC17^).

*Twilighted requires you to be registered before you can read any fics.
^As the fic contains mature & supernatural themes, the minimum age requirement is 16+ on the M rating.


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