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By Pemberly Rose

SusanAshlea, the sweet, awesome person (and I’m not just saying that bc she’ll read this) hired me on a while back to work as a blogger for a little site called My Vamp Fiction…

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A while back a did a post about Nosferatu the 1921 movie that I love sfm. And now I’m back with an in-depth look at what else? Werewolves! So please go check out this post and leave some comments for me!

Click here to read my post about Werewolves The Natural Enemy of The Vampire: A Look into Lycanthropes

Update!!! MVF has closed down and the site is no longer available.


The Original Character Awards aka The OC’s!

Written by Pemberly Rose

A while back I was asked to be a part of the Original Character awards as a Judge. Now I’m a canon h00r but I also happen to love a really fleshed out original character. Naturally I jumped at the chance to be involved. Boy was I so HAPPY that I got involved! All of us judges were paired up based on certain likes/dislikes (like if we disliked Real Person Fic or preferred canon/AU over all human.).

I was paired up with the wonderful Bforqueen. You may know her as a Volturi ¬†and wolf girl. She wrote a little fic called Fallen Princess which tells the tale of Lucy, a hybrid of Volturi lineage. If you’re a wolf girl and want to see some really interesting ideas played with in canon then please go read B’s work. She’s fantastic. She’s even got a Demetri fic that is a companion to FP called Absolution.

Anyways I was nervous because I thought I was more of a vamp/canon lover than anything else. Well I proved myself wrong. The funniest thing is that Bianca and I agreed on so many of the nomination choices we made. I realized I’m much more of a wolf slut than I thought and that I really have a majorly inappropriate girl crush on Leah Clearwater. Huh who knew? Each of our three categories we had to finalize had many stories that we had to both wittle down to our top six picks and then choose six out of those twelve. This has honestly been one of the best experiences I’ve had with awards and I can honestly say, being a part of it that it’s one of the most fair and balanced awards processes I’ve ever seen. Kudos to Leanne Golightly and all those who thought up the rules and such.

Now I can’t really say which categories, B and I oversaw but I will tell you that our picks for those categories are really wonderfully written and most deserving of your time and vote.

All in all it was a pleasure working with Bianca and I think I made a good friend in her. She’s a total sweetheart and she gets the awesomeness that is the wolves and the Volturi.

To view all the nominees before voting begins please visit the link below and check out everyone’s fic. They all deserve massive amount of recognition in this fandom as OC’s are often overlooked and underrated! Happy Reading and be sure to leave these authors some love!

The OC's

Click here to navigate over to the blog and see all our wonderful nominees! They're really worth some fandom love!

Forum Signatures and coding blips

By Pemberly Rose

I’ve noticed that I only post really late at night my time. Maybe I’m just weird. Well I knew that already hah! Anyways over on the Banners, Buttons and Blinkies page to your right, I’ve figured out how to create grab boxes for signature codes. You know for all those who want to post a visual link to the blog here. You know no pressure =) lol. Anyways I should really sleep and soon but anyways if you’re lazy like me here are the two blinkies I have coded and ready to go for you, just c&p the code information in the box to your signature (under control panel on most forums) and there ya go you’re very own pimpage link to the blog!

Hybrid Theory Hybrid Theory
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Easy peasy no? Glad you think so =p

Photoshop Revelations and Vampin’ out Kstew

Written by Pemberly Rose

So I’m bored and desperately needed a break from cramming for a math placement test I have to take so I can register for my science and math classes at the university. I’ve taken college algebra once in college and got an A so I’ll be damned if I have to take it again. So I’m cramming. Anyways in my need for a break I decided to mess around in photoshop with this image of Bella Swan aka Kstew.

Credit to JustJared where I found this promo pic of the Poster.

Granted I’ve seen a fuckton, and I mean a fuckton of Vamp Bella Manips in my day in this crazy fandom. But I’ve always wanted to create one. I’ve tried before and they were utter fail and did not look even remotely good. So I hope I lucked out this time around and did it right. If anyone wants to learn how to do this I’m sure there are a fuckton of tutorials on for this sort of thing. Then again I like doing things the hard way and merely stumbled across this little gem just by hitting a freakin’ letter and my hand being stupid with the track pad.

Yeah, not bad for a first real try at apparently right way to change skin, hair, and eye color

So what do you think you like? Dislike? Hate it? Hehe, hit me up in the comments =) And before you hate on me, at least click to enlarge.

Why I love Jacob but am NOT Team Jacob and other canon ramblings…

Written by Pemberly Rose

When I first read Twilight I fell in love with a boy. A fictional character at that. Sure Edward’s great and all and Rob does a great job playing him in the movies but I’m not talking about Edward here. I’m talking about that other guy, yeah Jacob. Now I’m not Team Jacob personally. As much as I love his character I could not see him with Bella long term. He’s sixteen and has responsibilities, duties that tie him to La Push whereas Bella is an 18-year-old young woman.

Would they have dated if things had gone differently in that last third of New Moon? Yes, definitely and for a while they would be happy together. Then over time things would begin to unravel as 99.99999% of all relationships do. Especially since one is still in love with someone else.

However with that said, I think it’s important to look at the big picture here. Whatever your opinions maybe on Renesmee it’s clear that SM had/has big plans for her and her crazy eclectic family.

Now by the time I got to Breaking Dawn I really, really wanted Jake to find someone to help him get over his Bellabsession (<–yes I know I made that up). Even for the briefest flicker of a moment I thought SM was going to put him with Leah Clearwater which I wouldn’t have objected to either (but you’ll never catch me reading a Blackwater fic just sayin’). When we get to the chapter where he runs off from the Cullen House or crypt as he calls it we see him look for his imprint, watching the faces of every girl he sees in that park, even speaking to one named Lizzie who’s pretty, knowledgeable about cars, and clearly flirting with him. In that scene I really felt sympathetic to him. He didn’t want to think about Bella anymore. He didn’t want to have these emotions that were ripping him apart any longer and I can’t really say I blame the guy.

Then something happened when he came back. Bella went into labor not long after and Renesmee was born rather violently (and that’s putting it nicely). Jacob assumes Bella is dead and in his blind rage at himself and at the baby for subsequently ending Bella’s human life he goes downstairs to kill “it”. A few brief plotting moments pass and he locks stares with the hybrid offspring. He imprints in that moment and not one word of it is creepy, sexual or “pedophilia” as many readers have erroneously perceived. It’s not an easy concept to understand at first. At times it can even seem like brainwashing because the wolf had no choice in the matter. However, I pose the question to you… Do we have complete control over who our hearts choose to love?

My answer to that is a resounding no, we don’t. Sure we can choose who to hang out with, who to date, and what have you. The heart wants what the heart wants. As someone who’s read the series several times over, there’s a heavy theme of fate, in all four books. From Bella’s choice to move in with her father, to her argument with Edward to give her a real honeymoon before her change, and even to Jacob walking down those stairs after the birth… it’s clear that fate is a big part of the lore in the saga even though it’s never mentioned explicitly.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe we’re all wrong but this is just how I see it.

New Poll!

By Pemberly Rose

So I’m in and around twitter which tonight is deader than a doornail because the epic Deathly Hallows pt 1 is opening at midnight. I’m not going for several reasons but I do plan on seeing it, just not worth the hassle tonight. Anyways I decided to post a new poll which is kind of counterproductive since there’s NO one around to vote in it haha! Oh well I’ll tweet it out again in the morning.

My question for everyone is what do you hope for with BD pts 1 and 2?