New Story: Breathe Me by Pemberly Rose

New story introduction by Pemberly Rose

I know I said I wasn’t going to start a new fic until LIT was completed. However, I’ve started working on several new fics to get them going for when I do have LIT completed. Anyways this one is in the LIT-verse so I think you all will enjoy! My beta and I are editing at it right now so I wanted to post a little teaser for everyone!

Yes that would be Ms. Emma Stone as Amber and the lovely Julia Jones as Leah Clearwater

Summary: A life can be irrevocably changed several times throughout a human life. Even more times over when you can choose to live forever. Leah Clearwater’s life was altered several times already. When Sam, her love, went missing. Then when he left her for Emily, her cousin. Her life grew even more tumultuous when she joined the pack as the only female wolf in known Quileute history. Now, years after the end of Breaking Dawn, we begin as she is on the precipice of one more life-altering event. What will she do when it comes for her? Will she be ready?

Warnings: Adult situations, adult content, strong language, femme-slash

Characters: Leah Clearwater, OC (Amber from LIT), and other canon characters

Chapter One Teaser!


Tap, tap, tap. Impatience is my greatest weakness. I yawn, fighting off the subsequent shiver and goosebumps underneath my parka and layered clothing. Christ on a cracker, even inside it’s colder than Jadis’ ice-encrusted black soul. Why again did I move to Seattle?

Rain. Right, you love rain, Amber, and you didn’t get nearly enough of it back home in Las Cruces.

I snicker to myself, but just loudly enough that the businessman in front of me, who looks like he’s in dire need of a pole-up-the-ass-ectomy, turns and glares as if I had placed a kick me sign on his back with a nice thwack. Great. I’m sure I look like the picture of sanity shivering and snickering to myself inside a heated café in Seattle.

So anyway, Stuffy McStufferson makes his order, a grande drip, black. How completely predictable! Do they take business majors in college aside and say: “Along with selling your soul, you also have to wear horrid suits and order black coffee every day for the rest of your miserable lives?” Thank God I’m not one of the lemmings. I’ll gladly stick to my hematology and immunology classes, thank you very much.

Behind the counter is your typical college student/employed-and-still-have-time-to-toke-it-up barista. He’s nice for the most part, kind eyes and never gets my order wrong. I usually give him a good tip, you know, so my inner pothead can live vicariously through him. Can’t really get my toke on lately, thanks to the responsibilities of grad school. And not that I did it all that much anyways. Memories of the occasional smoke aside, it’s really awkward, though, when he gets all flirty. I’d hate to break it to him that the thing swinging between his legs is a serious turn off for me. However, that would be a bigger step out of the closet than I am ready to make just yet.

The first chapter should be up on FFn within the next few days or so. I decided to post a teaser on here because I could and it’s wolfpack related so there! LOL. I hope you enjoyed the teaser!

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