Photoshop Revelations and Vampin’ out Kstew

Written by Pemberly Rose

So I’m bored and desperately needed a break from cramming for a math placement test I have to take so I can register for my science and math classes at the university. I’ve taken college algebra once in college and got an A so I’ll be damned if I have to take it again. So I’m cramming. Anyways in my need for a break I decided to mess around in photoshop with this image of Bella Swan aka Kstew.

Credit to JustJared where I found this promo pic of the Poster.

Granted I’ve seen a fuckton, and I mean a fuckton of Vamp Bella Manips in my day in this crazy fandom. But I’ve always wanted to create one. I’ve tried before and they were utter fail and did not look even remotely good. So I hope I lucked out this time around and did it right. If anyone wants to learn how to do this I’m sure there are a fuckton of tutorials on for this sort of thing. Then again I like doing things the hard way and merely stumbled across this little gem just by hitting a freakin’ letter and my hand being stupid with the track pad.

Yeah, not bad for a first real try at apparently right way to change skin, hair, and eye color

So what do you think you like? Dislike? Hate it? Hehe, hit me up in the comments =) And before you hate on me, at least click to enlarge.


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