New Button!

Written by Pemberly Rose

So I couldn’t sleep and decided to play around in photoshop. Let’s just say I have made CS4 my bitch. Here is the end result!

Yes I have totally used Ms. Foy as our Renesmee. She’s the perfect fit to play her and I can’t WAIT to see how she does next November. Sigh…one more year! At least DH is coming out next week *squee*

Over to your right you can grab our linky code in the box there under the faboo button. Of course if you’re going to link to us, email your button to me Pemberly Rose, through the site and you will be on the affiliates too!




2 thoughts on “New Button!

  1. webdesigner says:

    I typically do not publish in Blogs but your weblog forced me to, astounding work.. wonderful …

    • Pemberly Rose says:

      Thank you! The template isn’t mine. WordPress provided that but I created the banner, the logo and all the buttons/animations you see except for those that link to other sites. Thanks for stopping by!

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